Best Tips for New Caricature Artist

Are you a budding caricature artist and needs a few pointers on how you can reduce the gradient of your learning curve? Well here you are!

Caricature Artist

Start with not less than half-a-dozen pictures of your caricature.

As a caricature artist, you need more than one picture. In fact you need at least six. This is unlike a portrait artist who only has to copy the features of the subject and can do with just one. The work of a caricature artist involves making both exaggeration and likeness happen successfully.

As Caricature Artist, Study the features of the subject carefully and try to identify the deviations from the normal.

You need to note also that as a caricaturist, you are different from a portrait artist who only needs his ability to accurately reproduce facial features. The fact that you need to do more by deviating from the normal is one thing, exaggerating these deviations is another thing entirely.One key to this is your keen perception. If well employed, it would help you identify those features that

  • create a face unique
  • deviate significantly from the normal face.

Watch out for deviations in size, shape (form), or both.

You can start by selecting the features that deviate most, maybe two or three of them from their normal appearance or size. Then close your eyes as you try to visualize the following faces. Gradually take note of  2-3 features you think you can exaggerate.

Don’t bleed the eyes of emotions!

Resist the temptation of over exaggerating the eyes till they are bled of all emotions and have become lifeless.  This is a common mistake many caricaturists make, the beautiful caricatures they create sometimes end up with eyes that do not look real. The point here is to avoid exaggerating the eyes except you are sure you would not lose their expression when manipulating them.