Tips for Caricature Drawing

The first thing you will for your caricature drawing is an image that will serve as a reference. Having a reference image saves you lots of time and efforts than trying to do all by yourself.

Tips for Caricature Drawing

Tips for Caricature Drawing

If you wish to draw the caricature of a person, the best thing to do will be to get several photos of the person. But we are going to stick to one photo for this tutorial.

Drawing simple shapes should be the first thing you should do

To start your caricature drawing, first draw a circle outline and then tilt your pencil slightly to create the eye line.

After adding the eyes, the next thing you will want to do is to add the nose. The pencil strokes you use in creating a caricature needs to be as light as possible. Don’t be discouraged if your drawing does not turn out as exactly as you are taught.

It is all part of the learning.

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