Creating the Best Caricatures

Best Caricatures Best caricatures can now be created with the aid of technological tools. The most common technological tool for creating caricatures is of course the computer and graphical software. The software that could be used in creating caricature includes Corel draw and Adobe Photoshop amongst others. Using these applications to create caricatures however include some[…]

Origin, History & Modern Caricature

Origin of the word There has been some arguments about the origin of the word caricature. It has been argued by some linguists that the word originated from ‘caricare’, an Italian word which means ‘to load’ literally. Those who argue along this line claim that it implies that loading images with a whole lot of[…]

Digital Caricature & their Importance

A digital caricature is a person’s portrait where basic meanings are implied through feature exaggerations. Drawing facial features would require knowing how the make a face to be recognizable even after exaggerating the features. Caricature is thus a bit difficult than direct drawing and has been very useful. Importance of Digital Caricature Caricatures have the[…]

Digital Caricature Drawing

Best Tips to Make Your Digital Caricature Drawing Look Awesome

Best Tips to Make Your Digital Caricature Drawing Look Awesome Printed vs. Framed If you so wish, you can either get your drawings printed at home, or probably take it to a camera shop to be fitted into a frame. A framed caricature drawing can serve as great gift for; Wedding present (depicting how the[…]