Digital Caricature & their Importance

A digital caricature is a person’s portrait where basic meanings are implied through feature exaggerations. Drawing facial features would require knowing how the make a face to be recognizable even after exaggerating the features. Caricature is thus a bit difficult than direct drawing and has been very useful.

Importance of Digital Caricature

Caricatures have the ability to influence the viewpoints and opinions of people without them even noticing it. They are mostly featured on newspapers and comic websites. In most cases you just find yourself agreeing with or disagreeing with a particular caricature. In other cases, you just find the caricature to be funny. Based on this, you have been influenced by the caricature, irrespective of if you agree with it or not. Caricatures are very popular and could be traced to very early times. Up till now however, they still have the ability to draw attention and generate opinions.

Several people always look forward to caricatures on newspaper. Major newspapers have thus adopted it as a strategy for having more patronage. This is because the caricature has the ability to inform and entertain at the same time at just a glance. This is opposed to most other newspaper feature that are lengthy articles that takes time to read. They are able to subtly pass across salient messages very easily and quickly.

The people whose caricatures are created the most are politicians and public officials. Their caricatures are often used to pass across messages about their policies as well as their jobs. People however sometimes create caricatures of their selves or caricatures of their friends too. This could be shared on social media or amongst friend cycles just for the fun of it.