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Different expedients were however attempted, and with inquisitive results. It was for instance endeavored to vault Caricature image with a cross vault, grasping two narrows of the arcade to one of the vault, however the divider space so picked up was especially illsuited to the clerestory windows, as might be seen by analyzing the nave of St. Stephen’s at Caen. To put it plainly, if the vaulting compartment were as wide as the nave one way, yet just as wide as the walkway the other way, and half circle curves alone were utilized, an attractive result appeared to be unattainable. In the quest for a few method for so vaulting Caricature Drawing Company of oval arrangement that the curves ought to spring all at one level, and the crotches or lines of convergence ought to cross each other in the focal point of the roof, the thought either emerged or was recommended that the bend of the littler range ought to be a pointed rather than a half circle curve. The minute this was attempted all trouble vanished, and groined (_i.e._ meeting) vaults, covering compartments of any extents turned out to be anything but difficult to outline and easy to build, for if Caricature Gift which spread over the thin method for the compartment were intensely pointed, and that which crossed it the wide way were either crescent or straight pointed, it turned out to be anything but difficult to mastermind that the startings of both vaults ought to be at the same level, and that Custom Caricature ought to ascend to the same tallness.