Creating a Caricature Out of a Photo

Caricature Out of a Photo: Here are things you will need

  • A sharpened pencil
  • A photo
  • A paper

Step 1

Get the photograph of the subject you want to caricaturize. Ensure the photo you settle for shows the face and every facial feature of the subject

Step 2

Take your time to study the photo. Identify all facial features you will want to exaggerate. This could be the eyes, chin, hair, nose, jaw line, lips etc. To create an amazing caricature, it is important you focus on the unique feature that makes them stand out from the rest. Once you identify them, exaggerate them as much as you can

Step 3

Get a rough paper and practice different ways you can draw the facial features of your subject. For instance, play around with the nose of the person; get it drawn in different shapes and forms. Let nothing stop you when exaggerating a prominent feature. After experimenting with different forms of the exaggerated facial form, go for the best one.

Step 4

Before sketching the final draft of your subject, you will first have to draw an outline starting from your subject’s head. The head has to be larger than the body for it to look like a caricature. Make it as big as possible.

Step 5

Draw all the facial feature of your subject in the following order;



Eyes and Eyebrows






When drawing a caricature out of a photo, there are proportion rules that need to be observed. Failure to observe them will throw your drawing out of proportion, making correction difficult. Always use a pencil when drawing, so as to make correction using an eraser easy. Ensure prominent facial features you identified are exaggerated. Below are some more rules you need to observe when drawing caricature:

Exaggerate just a few facial features. Exaggerating all of them will only make your drawing look more of a regular cartoon than a caricature.

Simplicity is vital here. Adding too many details makes your drawing look more of a portrait that a caricature

Step 6

When drawing the body of your subject, ensure it is done showing them doing what they love doing. Let’s say your subject loves cooking, you have to draw them when they are in the kitchen doing their thing. Just allow your creativity to flow. For a more astonishing drawing, incorporate background details such as; plate rack, sink, dishwasher etc.

Step 7

Trying doing some editing using pencil and eraser. After editing and your drawing looks all good, next thing is to have them traced on paper using a black art pen or a sharpie. When you are done, clean off pencil outlines on your drawing that you feel are unnecessary.

Step 8

Your final caricature has to look somewhat like the original picture you started out with, only it has to be an exaggerated cartoon. If you so wish, you can add colors to your drawing using crayons, colored pencils, pastels and markers.

Conclusion: Creating a Caricature Out of a Photo

To get someone laughing, simply show them a caricature picture of their self. If you have a strong creative edge with the necessary artistic skills, you can get friends and family members laughing and entertained by drawing caricature images of them. Caricatures aren’t just meant for private use; they have been used in the entertainment industry as well as politics.

Basics for Caricatures Drawing

Basics for Caricatures Drawing : Have you ever thought of how your cartoon form will look like? If you have seen a caricature picture probably in a shopping mall or amusement park, then can easily envision how you will look like when you are caricatured. There is no better way of seeing your cartoon self, by creating caricatures out of your photos.

Turning your photos to caricature can be a daunting task especially if you are not an artist. But you have nothing to be worried about because the tutorials given here will take you through the steps of creating an astonishing caricature image of yourself using a simple photograph.

The three basic elements of caricatures drawing

Before we begin, it is important for you to understand the three basic elements that have to be part of your caricature drawing.

Likeness: To make your caricature image look just like you, it is important to capture all important feature. This means the proportions has to be right, key points have to be right, tiny details in your subject has to be captured, every other relevant feature has to be honed.


Exaggeration is essential to caricature drawing. However, the feature you want to exaggerate will depend on the characteristic of your subject. A portrait that is simply traced will definitely not look like a caricature.


There has to be some form of editorial in your caricature image. Editorial in this sense means what your subject is trying to say. Such message can be passed on in form of body language of certain action your subject is engaged in. The statement has to exceed their facial feature.

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